Fall 2019 - For Adults Only

Ask your Language School for their Discount Code. - Spanish Meetup groups get a discount too.

Green = I will be available in the Cary-Raleigh area -
In person & Online,

1)  "Pay as you go" by clicking in each class available

2) Or buy monthly credits:
- go to SUNDAYS & choose the Membership type you would prefer.  
- I am not available on Sunday's morning, so I put the option to buy credits on that day.  
- After paying, I have to manually add the credits to your account
- then you will be able to make all the reservations you want at the times that works best for you and if it is in person or online.
- If you received a "discount code" from your Spanish School, you can add it then.
- Please give me 24hrs to add the credits to your account.  Thanks


* Same day reservations or reservations with less than 24hrs can NOT be done automatically.